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Blackjack Rules and Strategies

People who play blackjack regularly already understand the basic rules of the game, but there are some players who are not aware of all of the advanced blackjack rules. Understanding the advanced rules of blackjack gives players a competitive edge against the house.

Splitting and Doubling Down

One of the least known advanced blackjack rules is that players can split their hands when they are dealt a pair if they choose. Players who are dealt two aces should always split these cards; an ace is worth 11 points and the deck contains plenty of opportunities for the player to be dealt a 10 or a face card in order to achieve blackjack. In contrast, players who are dealt double 10s or double face cards should not split their hands since the total point value of the hand is close to 21. When this occurs, players are encouraged to stand. Doubling down is the practice of doubling a bet after receiving the first two cards; the player is then dealt one additional card.

Hard Hands, Soft Hands, and Insurance

In blackjack, a hard hand is one that has a set value. For instance, a seven and nine is a hard 16; it cannot be altered. An example of a soft hand is an Ace and a seven. The Ace could stand for one point or 11 points, so the player has the option to stand on 18 or hit for a chance at a blackjack. While a player has the option to stand on soft 17, casino rules state that the dealer must always hit on a soft 17. Insurance is a secondary bet that players may place in order to guarantee that they will get half of their original bet back in the event that the dealer gets a blackjack.

While the game of blackjack is simple to play, it is difficult to master unless players thoroughly understand the advanced blackjack rules. If blackjack becomes boring, the slots here are another great way to have fun gambling.